Handy Tips

We care about keeping your investment looking new for years to come and always use washable wall and door paint.
When painting your investment it is wise to use a washable wall paint.
When washing down walls we recommend a mild solution of dishwashing liquid with luke warm water wiped over with a white, clean rag to avoid any inks or coloured lint transferring onto the wall.
Avoid using solvent based cleaning product such as Windex or abrasive style cleaners like Jiff or Gumption as this will effect the paint finish.
When sealing around windows or filling cracks etc make sure you use a paintable sealant as paint will not stick to silicone based sealants.
Regular painting maintenance protects your home from moisture penetration which results in blistering and timber rot. Spend a little now to save big $$$ in the near future.
Make sure you get the RITE COAT... don't leave it to chance!

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